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Training, that keeps you interested

In CrossFit workouts, we develop strength, speed, endurance, agility, coordination, and mobility. Here we work with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and learn to control our bodies in various ways: climbing ropes, walking on hands, doing rolls and cartwheels, running, rowing, climbing, biking, and doing pull-ups.

Trainers constantly teach, demonstrate movements, observe, and correct technique. You can record and monitor your results in our online system.

Constant supervision by our trainers

Workouts tailored for everyone

Introductory course

For those who want to "warm up" before jumping into regular workouts, we offer a group or individual fundamentals course.

Responsible workout programming

Workouts are programmed to include a variety of movements and skills along with smart weekly, monthly, and yearly periodization. Therefore, CrossFit Kaunas is an excellent place for those seeking continuous training and long-term development.

Scaling to your personal physical abilities

Each of us can be an athlete; only our goals differ. For some, it’s to feel good; for others, it’s to compete in the world championship. Both groups train together here because the trainers individualize the tasks.

Wonderful community

The CrossFit Kaunas family is the thing our club is most proud of. It is a team that spends time together not only during workouts and helps each other not just in the gym but also in life. The desire to be a friendly and positive community member is the only requirement for our new members.

Opportunity to train for and participate in competitions

CrossFit Kaunas has a team of athletes at various levels who prepare for and participate in competitions. It's an excellent choice for those who want to dedicate more time to training and have a community to prepare for competitions together.

Our Services

  • Group CrossFit Classes

  • CrossFit Introductory Course

  • CrossFit Kids Classes

  • Personal Training

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