What Is CrossFit Kaunas?

In 2018, CrossFit Kaunas was founded with the idea that exercising can be effective, interesting, enjoyable, and serious at the same time. We believe that both elite athletes and seniors have the same needs, which can be achieved through similar methods, differing only in the level of those needs. Therefore, we welcome everyone in our gym because everyone has the potential to improve.

Currently, the strength and greatest asset of CrossFit Kaunas is our community, which is amazing, diverse, supportive, intelligent, friendly, and incredibly hardworking.

Our members constantly push us to improve and learn, so we pay a lot of attention not only to teaching but also to programming workouts.

But besides workouts, we also don't forget to play and test what we've learned. We've already established several traditions: annually organizing a summer camp, Halloween costume competitions, Christmas WOD, CrossFit Games Open month, and summer gym competitions.

What is CrossFit?

Everyone engaged in CrossFit knows it's more than just workouts. The secret to CrossFit effectiveness is a simple and irreplaceable combination of three ingredients: results, training, and community. When you start CrossFit, you join a tight-knit global community. This community is made up of people who want to be physically stronger and healthier. By joining the workouts, you'll have a group of people who not only exercise together but also support and motivate each other.

One of the biggest myths about CrossFit is that these workouts are always extremely intense and hard, and that only very physically strong people can do them. The truth is that CrossFit gyms are filled with laughter, joy, inspiring stories, and smiles. It's a place where you'll try and accomplish things you never thought you would or could. The strong emphasis on community means you'll gain all of this experience surrounded by friends.

CrossFit gyms are a safe space for health, personal growth, camaraderie, and new challenges. Each CrossFit gym has its own culture, mission, community, and atmosphere.

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CrossFit Kaunas

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